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Ghost of a Chance screencaps

Howdy. Long time, no see. :) I haven't been very fandom-active lately so I capped the second episode ever (Ghost of a Chance). Yknow, I think I'm getting much better at this. The first time I made caps I made them pretty small and the second set of caps were significantly larger but watermarked. These are much larger and unmarked.

248 Ghost of a Chance (1.02) screencaps: 1280x795 size; Photobucket & Mediafire @ my journal.

Damn, maybe it's just me (it's totally not just me) but everyone looks stellar in the second episode! Foxy, guys, very foxy. That classic first season feel... You'll all understand my appreciative sigh.

☆ Slight tangent: Anybody see the commercials for the new Star Trek movie? -- if anyone wanted to pen some crack Homicide/ST crossovers or fusions I might offer to have your children. LOL. ;)

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