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Homicide Fanfiction

Title: (20. I hate you, you bitch.), (7. Prove it.) and (Coming Home [2/?])
Rating: T
Characters: Frank, Tim
Summary: (#7) Around the fourth season, Frank and Tim disagree on a case. Comedic. (Coming Home) Set after the movie, when Tim is released from prison Frank lends him a helping hand. (#20) Set during the fifth season, before Betrayal. Bayliss and Pembleton discuss Frank's relationship with Mary following a difficult case. Subtext.
Warnings: (#20) Some coarse language, peripheral infanticide.
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to someone else.
Prompt: #20 I hate you, you bitch. The restIn this post.

#20: ( Over his shoulders the broken gray streets of Baltimore passed by, nondescript and dilapidated. The waning sun illuminated debris scattered on the sidewalks and in the storm drains by the road. )

Coming Home [2/?]: ( Stillness belying a struggle. They worked in those slow circles, back to the place they’d once been – back to where they belonged. )

#7: ( Don’t nobody say the honeymoon don’t last. )
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